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Phlegraean Fields 'The Burning Fields' Max 19 people

  • 8hrs From Napoli

  • Min 6 - Max 19 people

  • 150 per person

To the northwest of Naples are the Phlegraean Fields, a land of volcanic origins, immortalized in the epic poems of Homer and Virgil. From Agnano to Pozzuoli, twenty-four geothermal springs bring forth mineral-rich waters and mud that, like in the past, are used in their spa centers. The Phlegraean Fields are boiling!When the Greeks settled here centuries ago, they were convinced that this area was the entrance to the underworld. Here, from the Euboic rock of Cumae, the Sibyl used to prophesy. In later years in Rome, to consult the book of the Sibyl was thought to be a last chance effort. In this area the Romans established a second general quarter; great ports hidden in the lakes; imperial villas with sparkling hot water; the first amphitheater; the terminal of the longest and most important aqueduct they ever built; an underground cathedral full of water. They also cut the mountains to let the roads pass through them. In the Phlegraean Fields, St. Gennaro was beheaded and on the anniversary of that day every year, the rock where he was beheaded becomes red. It was also here that St. Paul disembarked on his way to Rome…..Not to be missed!!!

Price per person:

Groups of 6-7 people share an 8-seat van and are accompanied by an English speaking guide for the entire excursion;
Groups of 8-19 share a 19-seat minibus and are accompanied by an English speaking guide for the entire excursion.

Meeting time in Naples:

Meeting point in Naples:
Outside the main terminal exit of the Naples cruise terminal building.
There your driver or guide will be waiting for you, holding a sign reading: "".
You will be returned to the port at the end of the excursion. 

In one full day tour we visit three or four of the listed below sites and we enjoy a panoramic tour of this wonderful volcanic area.
Flavian Amphitheatre and its undergrounds-(Closed on Tuesdays)
Temple of Serapide 
Acropolis of the Ancient Greek city of Cumae and Oracle of the Sybil
Baths of the Emperors in Baia-(Closed on Mondays)
Castle of Baia and its Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields-(Closed on Mondays and every other day after 1PM)
Admirable Pool-Piscina Mirabilis
Lakes and Craters of the Phlegraean Fields 

Minivan,Driver and English-speaking Guide for the entire excursion for groups of 6-7 people
Minibus,Driver and English-speaking Guide for the entire excursion for groups of 8-19 people
Air conditioned vehicles
All taxes, parking, tolls and gasoline 

Not Included
Food and drinks
Entrance fees
All inclusive circuit entrance fee € 10 Per Person



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