About Us

Ideas and projects are often shaped by the people we meet in our paths and the experiences we enjoy thanks to those encounters.

Several years ago (in 2012) Mondo Guide was lucky enough to meet an inspirational and quite unique person, a visionary guru of tourism, who gifted us with the revolutionary idea of shared tours. Our shared philosophy consists of making travels more accessible for everyone and that people from all walks of life can travel and enjoy the experience without spending a fortune or being taken advantage of.

With the introduction of the shared tours, now the exclusive experience of small intimate tours is available to all, not only the elites or extremely wealthy. Our motto at Mondo Guide remains: travelling enriches life and we all have the right to live and to enjoy our lives to the fullest!

Given the success of this initiative, and building on Mondo Guide’s 48 years of experience in the tourism sector, we are now expanding this concept to almost all our services. We are delighted to welcome you to our newly available shared trips website, which includes:

  • Shared transfers
  • Shared transfers with sight-seeing en route
  • Shared shore excursions
  • Shared city tours

Do you think this is enough of an innovation? Think again! We really believe that a tour cannot be tailored enough and that to the extent possible (and using good common sense!) all needs and desires should be fulfilled.

You don’t see any trip that fits all of your wishes? Here comes the news! Through our website you can now create your own trip (including transfers, city tours, shore excursions) and share it with others! All you need to do is to send us your proposal, this will be reviewed, quoted and, if needed, adjusted with technical details from our side and then immediately published on this website so that others can sign up and share it with you.

Let’s not forget: happiness is only real when shared.

Enjoy your trips!
Shared Trips by MondoGuide