Create your own trip and share it with others.

Your trip your way!

Create your own trip in 3 steps:

We really believe that a tour cannot be tailored enough and that to the extent possible (and using good common sense!) all needs and desires should be fulfilled. Through our website you can now create your own trip (including transfers, city tours, shore excursions) and share it with others! All you need to do is to send us your proposal, this will be reviewed, quoted and, if needed, adjusted with technical details from our side and then immediately published on this website so that others can sign up and share it with you.

  1. Send us your proposal. Please be as specific as possible so we can promptly assess the feasibility and costs of the proposal.

  2. Shared Trips reviews the proposal, seeking clarifications and amending as needed. We commit to get back to you within 48 hours.

  3. The agreed proposal is published on our website in a dedicated page with a sign-up button and ready to be selected by other travellers.

Important: We recommend that you send us your proposal at least a month before the starting date of the service. Let’s keep in mind that the longer the proposal is on-line the higher the chances to find fellow travellers.

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